Terms of Reference for Operations and Infrastructure Committee 

To oversee the development and delivery of strategies, programmes, projects and significant initiatives which deliver towards our Enabling Roadmap.

  • To approve the progression of strategic change programmes at key points in their lifecycle, from initiation to closure, and act as champions for this change with stakeholders across the university
  • To proactively prioritise initiatives to maximise delivery of the University’s strategic objectives, and actively manage change and investment risks
  • To review strategic success measures and key performance indicators and ensure that action plans are implemented, and monitored, to address areas of under performance
  • To monitor delivery of benefits from, and effectiveness of each programme, project or initiative via consideration of closure reports and post-implementation reviews
  • To horizon scan for key risks and issues relating to areas of operation and oversee related risk mitigation plans.  
  • To consider and approve organisation level operational policies where these are not reserved to a higher body.

The committee has authority to approve:

  1. Project expenditure within agreed budgets up to £10 million
  2. Changes to project costs, as required, within the envelope of agreed budgets (up to £10 million)
  3. All forecast project overspends of the lower of 20% of the project costs or £100k must be presented to the committee for approval