This page shows the NSS 2017 College Results and Sector Results for the Department of Bioengineering.

Tabbed information block

College results


Percentage satisfaction trend over time

This graph shows shows the trend in the Department of Bioengineering's NSS 2017 Percentage Agree results for the years 2013-2017, in each of the NSS Question Categories.  





Response breakdown by question category


This graph shows the Department's NSS 2017 results for each NSS question category, broken down by the five possible responses to questions (Definitely Agree, Mostly Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Mostly Disagree, Definitely Disagree).  The Percentage Agree score is the proportion of respondents answering Definitely or Mostly Agree to a question.

Sector results


Satisfaction compared with group averagesThis graph shows the NSS 2017 results for the Department of Bioengineering and key group averages, by NSS question category.