Established in 2014, the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH) has helped transform the ideation and prototyping landscape for students and staff at the College. Every individual at Imperial College is an automatic member of ICAH and this membership is drawn from all of the College’s faculties i.e. Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine and the Business School. In addition to this core group of stakeholders, ICAH also engages with commercial organisations – from micro-companies ams SMEs, to OEMs and the local communities.

Mission Statement

  • ICAH’s mission is to make it easier for anyone at, or associated with Imperial College, to make anything!
  • To build a community of like-minded makers and experimenters. Made up from a diverse set of user groups – students, staff, Hackers-in- Residence and the Hackspace Fellows themselves - the community will support, respect and inspire each other at every opportunity.
  • All ICAH spaces will promote Health and Safety hand-in-hand with the College’s defined H&S guidelines and protocols. The community will observe these guidelines in their work.

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