Imperial College Advanced Hackspace provides access to a network of facilities across the college campuses in South Kenstington and White City.  

These include electrical and mechanical engineering workshops, a digital fabrication spaces, physical computing workspace, as well as linking machinery with relevant skills in labs across the university. 

South Kensington


Facility Details


10 Princes Gardens

Access Times:
10:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday
3D printing Induction, Laser Cutter Induction. 
UPMini2, Ultimaker2, VLS2.30 Laser Cutter, Roland SRM-20, Roland Vinyl Cutter, Soldering and electronics station.

A one-stop centre for Fused-Deposition-Modelling (FDM) printing and laser cutting based on a first come first use basis. You can quickly prototype small builds and projects. 

506 EEE

506 EEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Access Times: 
09:00 – late, Monday to Friday, based on a project by project basis and time requirement.

3D printing Induction, Laser Cutter Induction, Health and Safety agreement and project access request (see below). 
FDM printers, VLS3.60 Laser Cutter, Soldering stations and bigger build space. 

At 506EEE members can test their hardware electronic prototypes; solder their components, design their PCBs and laser cut. To gain access based on building a specific project please contact 


Skempton 238

Access Times: 
08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday (powered access), 08:30 – 22:00 Monday to Friday (benchwork).

Postgraduates and staff only, complete induction and half-day training. Please contact the ICAH team to register your interest and sign up to waiting list.
Air benches, Bandsaw, Pillar dril, Bobbin sander, disc sander, circular saw (technician use only), panel saw (technician use only).

This large workshop gives members access to powered wood and plastics machinery, ventilated resin room as well as a substantial bench area for working on and assembling projects.