Current Research

My research explores the use of variable sweep morphing wingtips for use onboard flexible aircraft in collaboration with Airbus UK.  These will allow aircraft to reduce their span to meet airport gate restrictions, as well as potential benefits when controlled during flight such as gust load alleviation, greater efficiency, and multi-mission capabilities. Novel methods to simulate this problem will be developed.

This project also involves implementing data-driven approaches to aeroelastics, creating greatly reduced-order models of the overall system. This allows for faster generation of data, in turn opening the possibilities for real-time control and design optimisation.

The methods created during this work will be incorporated into SHARPy, a non-linear aeroelastic simulation toolbox developed at Imperial College.


2023 -                                  PhD Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London

2018-2023                      MEng (1st Class) Mechanical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University