The Department's research videos aim to show you the breadth of our research, how our facilities operate and to meet just some of our researchers and students. 

Research Areas

Experimental Aerodynamics

The first in a series of videos showcasing the Department of Aeronautics' research in Aerodynamics. This video demonstrates the breadth of research in High and Low-Speed Experimental Aerodynamics that takes place at the Department of Aeronautics.

CFD research

This video illustrates the Department's Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research. Professor Peter Vincent talks about how we use computers to solve complex fluid flow problems, with applications across the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as marine and green energy.

Data, Optimisation, Control

Dr Georgios Rigas explains about this emerging research area, in which several methods and tools using data are exploited to tackle problems found in fluid mechanics (due to limited measurements and complex physics). Meanwhile, Dr Eric Kerrigan and Dr Thulasi Mylvaganam talk us through the concept of Control, and how control algorithms can be optimised for autonomous systems and much more beyond.

COVID-19 Research

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, our team has been assessing the airborne transmission risk of SARS-like viruses (such as COVID-19) during outdoor exercise.


Project videos

Drag reduction strategies

Research Associates Dr Zahra Soltani and Dr Isabella Fumarola are working together on an EPSRC sponsored project called "Understanding and exploiting non-equilibrium effects on turbulent boundary layers: Towards realisable drag reduction strategies".

You can out more about this research on Zahra's profile page.


UROP Project: COVID-19

At the end of his second year as an undergraduate at Imperial College London, Aeronautics student Nnaemeka Anyameleworked with the 10x5 Wind Tunnel team on a COVID-19 related research project supported by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP).

Read Nnaemeka's profile for more information about the research project and the UROP scheme.