Peter Vincent
Office: E259 ACE Extension
Phone: 020 759 41975

Postdoctoral Scholars

Arvind Iyer
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

Jin Seok Park
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

Brian Vermeire
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

PhD Students

Niki Loppi
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

Francesco Iori
Topic: Biological Fluid Dynamics

Lorenza Grechy
Topic: Biological Fluid Dynamics

George Ntemos
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

Antony Farrington
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and PyFR

Daniele De Grazia
Topic: Flux Reconstruction and Nektar++

Yumnah Mohamied
Topic: Biological Fluid Dynamics

Masters Students

Liang Dong
Topic: Biological Fluid Dynamics

Past Members

Freddie Witherden (PhD Student 2012-2015 and Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-2016)
Liu Yaguang (Masters Student 2015)
Bryan Tan (Masters Student 2015)
Gabriel Gassem (Masters Student 2015)
Kevin Castel (Masters Student 2014)
Kayan Kanga (Masters Student 2014)
Chih-Hao Chen (Masters Student 2013)
Michail Georgiou (Masters Student 2013)
Celia Perez (Masters Student 2013)
Pak Lao (Masters Student 2013)
Jack Turton (Masters Student 2013)
Nicolo Demicheli (Masters Student 2013)
Bruno Villamiel (Masters Student 2012)
Arnau Perdigo (Masters Student 2012)
Ravi Khiroya (UROP Student 2012)


PhD Position - The Impact of Boundary Representation and Mesh Quality on the Performance of High-Order Accurate Flow Solvers for Complex Aerodynamic Flows
Summary: A fully funded PhD position is currently available. The project, undertaken in collaboration with Airbus, will involve using the high-order flow solver PyFR to solve challenging flow problems in the vicinity of complex geometries. Candidates should hold, or expect to obtain, a 1st Class undergraduate degree in a numerate discipline from a world-leading university.