The module descriptors for this programme can be found below.

Revision Chemistry

Module aims

This course is designed as a revision to A-level chemistry.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this set of lectures students should:

·       Be acquainted with basic definitions.

·       Understand the difference between solid, liquid and gas at a molecular level.

·       Familiar with the structure of an atom.

·       Able to perform conversions between number of moles, mass and number of atoms.

·       Be familiar with the various types of carbon allotropes.

·       Know the difference between primary and secondary bonds.

Module syllabus

Definitions. State of matter and periodic table of elements. Introduction to atomic theory. Stoichiometry; relationship between moles, mass and number of atoms. Crystal structures of solids. Chemical bonding; covalent and non-covalent bonds. Introduction to engineering materials.



Teaching methods

The course is presented using a combination of the whiteboard, PowerPoint presentation and pre-printed slides.



Reading list