The module descriptors for this programme can be found below.

Literature Review

Module aims

To develop the skills required to identify, assimilate and communicate an in-depth technical review of a specific topic in the composites field.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should be able to:

• Identify and find the relevant literature they require
• Source and obtain the literature, and put in any inter-library loans
• Make notes based on the information obtained and explore key points in further detail
• Prepare a review which describes the relevant info on the topic in a well-structured and clear style

Module syllabus

Students select their choices from a list supplied at the beginning of the academic session and then conduct a comprehensive literature review on the topic they have been allocated.

Teaching methods

After the topic is selected, students discuss their review topic with their allocated supervisor at the outset of the review and may arrange further meetings to discuss progress. Students attend library courses on identifying and obtaining the relevant literature, referencing techniques and plagiarism.


Written report and oral presentation.