The module descriptors for this programme can be found below.

Composites: Laboratories

Module aims

The course aims to give an appreciation of the NDT techniques used with composites and to enable students to select appropriate inspection methods for different composite structures and components

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should be able to select an appropriate technique for any given inspection problem in composite materials. In order to achieve this overall objective, they will be able to

  • state all the possible inspection methods;
  • describe the principles of operation of each method;
  • state the sensitivity of each method;
  • list the major advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Module syllabus

The course will cover the basics of inspection techniques for composites based on: ultrasonics, radiography, low frequency vibration, thermography, laser ultrasound and shearography.



Teaching methods

Lectures and lab demonstrations


Written assignment

Reading list