Lecture modules for both MSc programmes are split more or less equally between the Autumn and Spring terms (both 11 weeks; effectively 10 weeks of lectures). Examinations are held immediately after the Christmas vacation for Autumn term courses, and immediately after Easter for Spring term. All lectures for the programme are scheduled between the hours of 9-6pm only, and MSc students generally do not have lectures on every day of the week.

Part time students can undertake their project in either their first or second year or across both years. (The project starts in mid-May and ends mid-September) . We are very flexible as to when they actually carry out the work, as long as they put in the equivalent of 4 full months effort.

For the MSc in Composites programme as all modules are compulsory part time students must take Autumn term courses only in year 1 and Spring term courses only in year 2. This requires full time attendance in Autumn term (1st year) and Spring (2nd year). Students must attend the examination session immediately after their appropriate part-time term.

For the MSc Advanced Computational methods programme as all modules are optional you can pick and choose which term/year you attend modules. This decision is entirely yours.