Monday 30th September 2019

All events below in Skempton Building, SKEM 164.

NTU REP Students are required to attend these events along with our new first year students.
14:00-14:45  Computing Briefing: Dr Omar Bacarreza Nogales/ICT Representative.
14:45-15:30  Health and Safety/Security Briefing:  Dr Nigel MacCarthy/Security Representative.
15:30-16:00  City & Guilds College Union Talk
16:00-17:00  Department Student Rep and Aerosoc Student Talks 

Tuesday 1st October 2019

All events below in City and Guilds Building, CAGB 300

11:00-11:30  Department Registration
11.30-12:00  Department Welcome/Briefing:  Head of Department Professor Paul Robinson; Senior Tutor Dr Sylvain Laizet;
                    Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS)  Dr Errikos Levis;                         

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Teaching commences.

Friday 4th October 2019

13:00-14:00  Welcome Event for Exchange Students (CAGB 309): Aeronautics Year Abroad Coordinator Dr Siti Shamsuddin,
                     Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) Dr Errikos Levis.
15:00-16:00  Introduction to Central Library Resources for Exchange Students (SKEM 208):  Mr Theo Stubbs