More information about the current group members and their projects can be found on their research pages.

Research Group Members
  Dr Tim Albrecht

Dr Tim Albrecht (Head)
Electrochemical processes on the nanoscale
Tim Albrecht Research Page

Evangelina L. Pensa

Dr Evangelina L. Pensa (Research Associate)
Charge transfer processes in small metal nanoparticles
Evangelina Pensa Research Page


Dr Luke A. Wilkinson (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Synthesis of organometallic complexes for thermoelectrics

Silvia Di Lecce

Silvia Di Lecce (PhD Student)
Electro-thermo phoretic devices
Silvia Di Lecce Research Page

Ascanio diGiacomo

Ascanio Digiacomo (PhD Student)
Microwave technologies for label-free imaging of drugs in cells and tissues - Marie Curie ESR award
Ascanio Digiacomo Research Page

Lucy Wilson

Lucy Wilson (PhD student)
Organometallic complexes form molecular wires and electronics Lucy Wilson Research Page

 Sarah Lockett

Sarah F. Lockett (PhD student)
Ion flow through liquids in porous rock using scanning ion conductance microscopy


Chiara Petrillo (PhD student)
Single-molecule DNA Base Identification using Electrochemical Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy

 Li Wan

Li Wan (MRes in Plastic Electronics)
Single-molecule and thin-film studies on conductive metallocene nano-rings
Li Wan Research Page

 Alex Al-Zubeidi

Alexander Al-Zubeidi (MSci Student)
Ionic liquid-based metal extraction from sulphide ores
Alexander Al-Zubeidi Research Page


Nur Sabrina binti Wahid (MRes in Nanomaterials)
A DNA assay on a string: DNA carrier design for specific DNA sequence detection with nanopipettes


Amelia Loh (MRes in Nanomaterials)
A DNA assay on a string: Optimization of single molecule sensing




Former group members:


Dr Mario Lemmer (PhD Student)

Grace Wong (BSc Student)

Dr Raquel Fraccari (PhD Student)

Dr Daniel Godfrey (PhD Student)

Anil Saddat Bijoy (MRes Nanomaterials)

Foivia Konstantinou (MRes in Green Chemistry, Energy and the Environment)

Dr Michael Inkpen (Research Associate)

Mariana Hildebrand (MRes Student)

Lu Qiao (MRes. Green Chemistry)

Ili Zulkifly (MRes student)

Dr Billy Pitchford

Thomas Arrow (Msci student)

James Million (Msci student)

Dr Aleksandar P. Ivanov (Research Associate)

Dr Agnieszka Rutkowska (Research Associate)

Dr Olga Kuzmina (Research Associate)

Dr Emmanouil Symianakis (Research Associate)

Dr Philippa Nuttall

Dr Thomas Gibb

Dr Azadeh Bahrami

Samuel Harker (Mres. Nanomaterials)

Maxime Bédouet (Mres. Green Chemistry)

Nathan Fitzpatrick (MSci student)

Dr Fatma Dogan

Honglin Xu

Dr Evan J. Spadafora

Dr Deanpen Japrung

Dr Emanuele Instuli

Dr Margarita Rivera Hernandez

Dr Catriona McGilvery

Yang Li (MRes Green Chem.)

Charmaine Lau (MRes Green Chem.)

Ioannis Theodorou (MRes Nanomat.)

Mariam Ayub

Mattaka Kho ngkow

Nathan March

Philip Kuhn

Laure Rosman


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