You said

“Just the way [the Imperial magazine] arrives makes you feel like you are important and they have gone out of their way”
LP, International alumnus, Faculty of Natural Sciences, 1983 graduate

Thank you for your feedback

In 2017 we sent out a survey to all our alumni for whom we had an email address, asking you to tell us about your Imperial experience and what is important to you as an Imperial alumnus. 9% of you responded (above the industry average of 7%) and we'd like to say thank you and let you know what we found out. We use the survey results to shape our alumni programmes, events, services and communications, as well as opportunities for you to get involved, in the ways that suit you best. The results are also shared with the College leadership team, the Deans of our faculties and others in the College to shape their programming and to help them enhance the student experience and to prepare the next generation of Imperial students for the next step of their journeys.

You are proud

A high proportion of you (8.8/10) are proud to have studied here and 8.5/10 of you are proud to be an alumnus of Imperial. 92% of you said that studying at Imperial was a positive experience. You acknowledged the value of the Imperial brand, and valued your qualification which you felt benefited you in the long term. 42% of you rated the likelihood of you recommending the College as 10/10 (exceptionally high). You said Imperial is challenging, intense, exciting, international, diverse, enjoyable and inspirational.

Communication is key

The findings show that satisfaction with regular and relevant communications, invitations to events and volunteering opportunities, and awareness of services and benefits all contribute to a stronger sense of connection with the College and to you feeling valued as an alumnus. 71% of you were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our communications, and 83% were satisfied with the frequency of our communications, or had no strong feelings. We gained insights into where and how you prefer to access content, and that there is an appetite for more tailored content. 

How we can shape our programmes

You told us that you are interested in a range of events, including reunions, updates on core disciplinary knowledge, career and CPD opportunities as well as gaining insights into Imperial research. You were also interested in accessing online e-resources. We found, though, that the types of events that appealed to you varied depending on your life stage (for example recent and mid-career graduates compared to alumni in later career and retirement). We'll do our best to put on appropriate events and to make sure you hear about the events you may be interested in attending.

Many of you were interested in volunteering (indeed, 14% of you had volunteered for Imperial at some point in the past), and 37% of you were interested in sharing expertise and career advice with students. Many of you told us that you want more opportunities to get involved. Thank you! We will work across teams at the College to bring more opportunities your way.

You felt that, whether through e-newsletters or Imperial magazine, the level of communication was "just about right". We gained many insights into the sort of content that stimulates you, on what platforms you prefer to see different types of content, and how preferences might differ by life stage. Many of you were particularly interested in gaining insights into research. We will use this information to improve our communications, and where possible to provide you with more opportunities to tailor your content.

We can do more

Those of you who were less satisfied overall, tended to have been less satisfied with your student experience. Areas that were highlighted for improvement included improving communications with you, both as students and as alumni. Some of you weren't aware of the services and benefits you are entitled to, so we need to work harder to share that information. Our online alumni platform was a source of dissatisfaction more generally, and we are pleased to announce that work was in progress to improve this - and the new platform, , has already been launched.

Your top services and benefits

These are the alumni services you told us are most valuable to you:

  1. Lifelong and continued professional development opportunities
    As an alumnus, you are entitled to a discount on further study at the College, including evening classes, professional development short courses and the Imperial College Business School MBA. You are also welcome to attend Imperial's series of public lectures (many of which are streamed online), as well as the exclusive programme of events, webinars, workshops and professional networking opportunities we host for alumni. You can access online resources and webinars as well as jobs an opportunities on Alumni who graduated within the last three years also have access to Imperial's careers service (and some services are still available to more experienced alumni). Business School alumni can access the Business School's career service.

  2. Access to online e-resources and the library
    A growing number of online resources are already available for remote access through . Alumni can also use Imperial Plexus to apply for membership of Imperial's campus libraries.

  3. Opportunities to meet alumni with shared interests
    There are numerous opportunities to meet other members of our alumni community, through our programme of special alumni events or as part of an alumni group or association. Our new online platform  enables you to search the community and get in touch directly with other alumni, to arrange a meet up when travelling or to check-in and to get together with nearby alumni for a coffee or a chat.

  4. An enhanced online alumni account and portal
    From seeking advice to finding a new community, Imperial Plexus is an intuitive new online platform for alumni; connecting you directly with Imperial and with each other. Find out more about Imperial Plexus.  

Thank you!

The survey results have provided us with plenty of rich information that we will continue to analyse as we look at our programming in the years ahead. We really appreciate your feedback. Don't forget to follow us on social media, and join our LinkedIn group to keep up to date with College news and hear about the latest services and benefits for Imperial alumni.