The Faculty is privileged to have an Imperial College Association Chapter. The Engineering Chapter is a partnership of the Faculty of Engineering, City and Guilds College Association (CGCA), Royal School of Mines Association (RSMA) and the Engineering Students' Union.

The Chapter draws together the expertise and membership of its associations in providing alumni, students and staff with information, publications, events and networking opportunities.

Faculty of Engineering

Imperial Engineer

Latest edition of the Imperial EngineerImperial Engineer

One of the first collaborative ventures between CGCA and RSMA was the amalgamation of the CGCA journal 'Imperial College Engineer' and the RSMA's 'RSMA Update'. A joint Editorial Board was established and the new publication was named 'Imperial Engineer'.

It was agreed that 'Imperial Engineer' would be produced biannually, with the inaugural edition appearing in October 2004.

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City & Guilds College (CGCA)

CGCA logoFor alumni engaged in all aspects of engineering, design, consultancy, manufacturing and education, and related professional activities, the City & Guilds College Association (CGCA) was established as long ago as 1897, pre-dating the foundation of Imperial College by 10 years.

The association, however, only adopted this name in 1992, having been called Old Centralians for most of its earlier history. The largest of the constituent college associations, with a membership of around 5,000, the Association continues to flourish within Imperial's faculty-based framework.

Members of the association can be found in all parts of the world, engaged in all aspects of engineering, design, consultancy, manufacturing and education, and related professional activities. 


Several types of membership are offered by the association:

  • Costs £15.00 p.a. Available by standing order only.
  • Annual membership for alumni within three years of graduation costs £3.00 p.a. Available by standing order only.
  • Costs £235.00. Can be paid in five installments of £47.00 by standing order only. 

Contact the City & Guilds College Association

The association can be contacted by email ( or through their website

Search for fellow members of the City & Guilds College Association in the directory or join the LinkedIn group.

Did you know?

The City & Guilds College Association has over 4,000 members.

Royal School of Mines (RSMA)

RSMA logoThe Royal School of Mines Association began life as the RSM Old Students' Dining Club. The first annual dinner was held in 1873, 22 years after the founding of the Royal School of Mines, making the RSMA the oldest of the College's four constituent college associations. The association was formally inaugurated in 1913.

Because RSM graduates moved on to various parts of the globe, branches were established in mining centres such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and Malaysia.


To join the RSMA please visit their website or contact the association on +44 (0)20 7594 8606 or at

  • Annual membership - £15
  • Period membership - £75

Contact the RSMA

If you would like to contact the RSMA please email Alternatively you can visit the RSMA website or join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups.