As you may recall from your time at Imperial, travelling overseas to study can be a daunting prospect and many of our potential students and their parents or guardians will have concerns and questions about what to expect.

Volunteer role description: 

We are looking for alumni to share your own experience of studying at Imperial and to take this opportunity to help to inspire our future students. 

During the event you will be talking individually to prospective students, applicants, offer-holders and, on occasion, parents and school counsellors who wish to know more about studying at Imperial. You will not be expected to talk in depth outside of your degree subject.

Sharing your experiences of being a student at Imperial and answering questions about moving to London and what you have done since graduating, will be invaluable to anyone who might be feeling anxious.

What to expect

There are different types of events such as fairs, Q&As session and networking events. At a fair, you’d join a stand with an Imperial staff member and answer questions from anyone who visits the stand. During a Q&A session, you could be joining a panel with other alumni and/or staff from universities, and answer questions from the floor. At a networking event, you can mingle with offer holders and fellow alumni while sharing your experience in an informal setting. 

There will be a member of staff on hand at all times to support you and for you to direct questions to regarding entry requirements, fees, funding options, or any other queries you feel unable to answer.

This role would suit somebody who…

  • Has graduated from the College within the past ten years
  • Has completed the majority of their degree on campus and is able to share their experience of Imperial’s facilities and life on campus
  • Has great communication skills
  • Is enthusiastic about their time at Imperial and has utilised their degree and/or experience at the College to further their career
  • Is comfortable sharing their personal experience of studying at Imperial and is happy to answer questions from prospective students about studying in living in London.

What are the benefits?

  • (Re)connect with the College as a volunteer and learn about what’s going on at Imperial
  • Meet and inspire the next generation of Imperial students
  • Support the College and helps us to attract the best and brightest students
  • Network with other local alumni.

How can I register to volunteer at a recruitment or offer holder event? 

Details for the upcoming recruitment fairs and offer holder event are currently confirmed and can be shared upon request. You can find an overview below. 
To express your interest in volunteering at one of the events or request additional information, please email Imperial's Alumni Engagement Officer Kristin Gembiak at

Where are the next international student recruitment and offer holder events taking place?

East Asia

There are currently no student recruitment fairs or offer holder events planned in East Asia. 


  • France, Paris - 16 May
  • Spain, Madrid - 6 June

Middle East

There are currently no student recruitment fairs or offer holder events planned in the Middle East.

North America

  • Washington DC, USA - 14 June, 18.45-20.30
    This will be an information session with Cambridge on Graduate Studies in the UK which will include a presentation and Q&A. We're looking for alumni to share their experience with the audience and help answer questions during the Q&A.

South Asia

There are currently no student recruitment fairs or offer holder events planned in South Asia. 

South East Asia

There are currently no student recruitment fairs or offer holder events planned in South East Asia.