Research area

Residual stress control for large aluminium-alloy partsJinghua

My reasearch area mainly focus on both the static and the dynamic ageing process of heat treatable aluminium alloys, which is widely used in the vehicle and aviation industry, and especially concentrates on investigating and modelling the relationship between the dynamic precipitates evolution and the mechanical properties of the aluminium alloys.

In addition, studying a newly proposed residual stress reduction technique(i.e. constrained ageing), which employs both the stress relaxation and the ageing process. By constrained ageing, aluminum components will achieve low residual stress distribution, which reduce the distortion problem after surface machining, whilst maintaining the good mechanical properties by exploiting the ageing hardening phenomenon.

Research keywords

  • Age hardening
  • Stress relaxation
  • Mechanical property


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering (Hebei University of Technology)
  • MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Imperial college London)

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