Research area

Joseph Ahn Structural integrity of high power fibre laser and electron beam welded lightweight alloy aircraft structures

Light weight alloys, such as high strength aluminium alloy, have attracted increasing attention due to their superior strength to weight ratio, that provide for many applications in aerospace and similar structures. It is noted that there can be many changes to the microstructure, metallurgical state and associated mechanical properties of the lightweight alloys in the weld zone. Such changes can result in residual stress and defects in the structure, thus significantly influencing the structural integrity and service life of the lightweight alloy product.

Research keywords

  • Joint microstructure and properties heterogeneity
  • HAZ simulation
  • Fatigue life of welded structures
  • Residual stress simulation
  • Structural integrity assessment and life-time prediction


  • Mechanical Engineering (MEng) 
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Structures and Materials

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