Research area:

Optimisation of Wing Stiffness for Solar Powered Aircraft with Super High Aspect RatioLEI ZHU

My research focus on structural optimisation and light-weighting design of solar powered aircraft wing with super high aspect ratio. Implementations involves use of high performance materials and numerical structural optimisation with production enabled by advanced manufacturing methods. Numerical structural optimisation involves sizing, shape and topology optimisations in both macro-scale (macro geometry structure level) and meso-scale (lattice structure level) well be investigated based on the application of solar powered UAV wing optimisation. Investigation of lightweight material such as composite materials, and additive manufacturing will be carried out as enablers of the light-weight design of the wing.

Finite element analysis and numerical optimisation based on Abaqus and Tosca Structure interface are used as approaches of structural optimisation and analysis.

Research keywords:

  • Structural optimisation
  • Light-weighting design
  • Finite Element Analysis


  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Automation (Zhejiang University, China)
  • MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Imperial College London, UK)

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