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Ran Pan Residual stress control for large aluminium-alloy parts

For aviation components, it is well known that small distortion that even cannot be seen by naked eyes is unacceptable. Since many researches have verified that residual stresses is the chief culprit for generating unacceptable distortion, quite a few of methods like vibration stress relief, mechanical stress levelling, cold straightening and thermal stress relieving have been adopted to eliminate the residual stress.

Although at most working conditions, these procedures can effectively reduce residual stresses, in some specific circumstances their disadvantages can severely hinder their application. For extra-large block components with rib, in order to eliminate the residual stress caused by quench, the existed method is to produce relatively larger device to do the job.

No doubt it is time consumption and device need more space to place. Therefore, alternative option should be found.

Research keywords

  • Residual stress
  • Finite element modelling
  • Material Property


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering (University of Science and Technology Beijing)
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering (University of Science and Technology Beijing)
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering (Imperial College London)

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