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Improving the Mechanical Properties of Composite-Metal Joints by Surfi-Sculpt

Wei Xiong Z-pin is an effective through-thickness reinforcement technology in improving interlaminar toughness, suppressing delamination. The use of z-pins is currently limited to several high performance composite structures: most notably Formula One racing cars and F/A-18 E/F aircraft.

However, limited understanding of the mechanical performance of z-pinned structures with impact damages hinders the application of z-pinned composites. This research aims to investigate the influences of z-pins on the impact damage resistance and damage tolerance of composite structures.

Research keywords

  • Aerospace Structures and Materials
  • Laminate composites
  • Interlaminar toughness
  • Z-pin


  • 1998 –2002 B.Eng. in Engineering Mechanics
  • 2002 –2005 M.E. in Composite Mechanics
  • 2005 –2009 D.E. in Solid Mechanics
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Imperial College London)

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