Project overview

Components in the aero industries operating at high temperatures are almost invariably submitted to static and/or combined cycle loading. They may fail by net section rupture under uniaxial conditions and crack initiation and growth under multi-axial conditions or a combination of both. For titanium alloy structures, variable and cyclic temperature and mechanical load will lead to obvious thermal-mechanical fatigue problem. Life prediction of titanium alloy structures subject to cyclic temperature-load spectrum is essential in design of titanium alloy structures. The aim of this project is to explore the mechanism of damage initiation and damage evolution of titanium alloy under cyclic temperature-load spectrum, and then establish relative theoretical model. Based on the model, accomplish fatigue life prediction and test of titanium alloy structures under cyclic temperature-load spectrum. Consequently a validated fatigue life prediction method of titanium alloy structures under cyclic temperature-load spectrum is formed.

Research Keywords

  • Thermomechanical fatigue
  • Crack initiation and growth
  • Numerical modelling


  • Dr Saeed Zare Chavoshi