Project Overview

This research project mainly focuses on the evaluation of thick CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics) composite laminates used in wing or stabilizer structures of aircraft, especially on modifying suitable mechanical testing methods and identifying failure criteria for thick CFRP laminates. The existing testing methods are not suitable for large thickness laminates and the influence of out-plane properties cannot be treated as minor or ignored as normal thickness composite laminates. Also, the out-plane property data is essential for further identification of failure criteria in Finite Element Analysis.

The key objectives are:

  • To modify suitable testing rigs in order to obtain both out-plane shear stiffness and strength of thick CFRP composite laminates through Iosipescu tests or 4-point bending tests

  • To capture the whole field strain map through 3D Digital Image Correlation in order to provide essential dataset for Finite Element Analysis

  • To identify the failure criteria of thick CFRP laminates through Finite Element Analysis in both axial and multiaxial loading conditions

  • To establish the methodology of predicting the failure of essential component made of thick CFRP laminates in aircraft 



  • Dr Kuangyi Zhang

  • Dr Long Yu

  • Prof. Yuming Jia

  • Mr Liyong Jia

  • Ms Miao Li

  • Mr Xiaoang Cao