Project Overview

Research on advanced hybrid joints have achieved significant progress and have identified the benefits such as joint strength, damage tolerance and environment resistance. However, due to the novelty of manufacture technologies for advanced hybrid joints, the research is still in the preliminary stage: most research only deals with the shear properties of advanced hybrid joints, the relationships between the joints mechanical properties and joints structural parameters need to be established; more investigations are needed to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these joints in static, fatigue, damage resistance and tolerance.

Z-pin is an effective through-thickness reinforcement technology in improving interlaminar toughness, suppressing delamination. The use of z-pins is currently limited to several high performance composite structures: most notably Formula One racing cars and F/A-18 E/F aircraft. However, limited understanding of the mechanical performance of z-pinned structures with impact damages hinders the application of z-pinned composites. This research aims to investigate the influences of z-pins on the impact damage resistance and damage tolerance of composite structures.


  • Dr Wei Xiong

  • Mr Xichang Wang