Project Overview

The research aim is that Additive Manufactured (AM) components would be provided by BAMTRI who have world-leading AM facilities and these materials would be assessed for their structural integrity. A possible path to follow might be to explore the general concept of micro-lattice components for lower weight and enhanced properties to reduce the weight of transport vehicles. A novel aspect of the proposed research could be to explore the advantage of pseudo-random lattice structures that would have benefit over regular lattice configurations. In the first instance, these structures would be modelled with their failure process simulated. Subsequently, laboratory scale experiments would be conducted on Additive Manufactured structures with the pseudo-random configuration. Once the finite element analysis approach has been validated, appropriate engineering components would be fabricated and their enhanced performance demonstrated.

The key objectives are:

  • Assess the types and variety of materials that can be manufactured by BAMTRI and identify those for which Structural Integrity should be assessed.
  • Perform structural integrity assessments of BAMTRI Additive Manufactured materials.
  • Perform computational finite element simulation to predict mechanical response, sequence and type of failure.
  • Optimize the Additive Manufactured material to achieve a desired combination of structure and material properties


  • Dr Youssef Ibrahim