Project Overview

Light weight alloys, such as high strength aluminium alloys, have attracted increasing attention due to their superior strength to weight ratio, that provide for many applications in aerospace and similar structures. Future aircrafts have challenging design objectives to reduce cost and weight of the structure while getting quicker, safer and also reducing carbon footprint. Innovative use of material form and advanced joining methods for example, high power fibre laser beam welding (LBW) and electronic beam welding (EBW) are crucial for welding and machining lightweight alloys to obtain a highly integrated structure.

It is noted that there can be many changes to the microstructure, metallurgical state and associated mechanical properties of the lightweight alloys in the weld zone. Such changes can result in residual stress and defects in the structure, thus significantly influencing the structural integrity and service life of the lightweight alloy product.


  • Dr Joseph Ahn

  • Professor Li Chen