Student creating the practical design solutions.

What is the STEM challenge?

In the second part of the programme, you will join a project group with students from other learning streams. You will collaborate during virtual group sessions to solve a real-world challenge with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Around the central challenge, in which you will be working in interdisciplinary teams, Imperial Enterprise Lab will lead sessions covering topics such as:

  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • Working in cross-culture teams
  • Guided network
  • Introduction to ideation, generating and choosing ideas
  • Prototyping

Previous project themes have included robotics, wearable technology, space and future vision.

At the final showcase event, teams will present their solutions in front of an audience of fellow Global Summer School students and an Imperial Enterprise Lab judge. Prizes are given to the best projects.

This is a chance for you to share expertise, show originality, and develop some of the key skills that you will use at university and beyond, including teamwork, presentation and communication skills, as well as learn about the different elements of innovation and development of ideas.

Who runs the STEM challenge with the Global Summer School?

The Imperial Enterprise Lab is passionate about inspiring the next generation of student innovators and entrepreneurs.

They help Imperial students to think outside the box, break boundaries and dare to be different. They believe that think anyone can be an entrepreneur and believe diversity is a competitive advantage, not a tick box.

The Enterprise Lab excels in bringing together people from different disciplines, cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences to look at situations from new angles is how problems get solved.

The team behind Enterprise Lab is made up of passionate industry experts, find out more about their team on the Enterprise Lab website. 

Lecture in the Enterprise Labs.

Students working on a group project

Students working in groups in the Enterprise Lab.