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If you're looking to get involved with societal engagement and want to find out more, here are some key contacts for different areas of engagement.

If you'd like to be listed among the engagement contacts here, please get in touch.

Key engagement contacts

Want to find out about central College engagement activities, or how to support our work?

Get in touch with the central societal engagement team.

Public engagement with research

For enquiries regarding the Festival, Fringe and public engagement programmes, get in touch with the programmes team.

If you'd like to know more about our public engagement strategy, opportunities and initiatives, ask us.

Similarly, please contact us if you are considering applying for engagement funding, or are including engagement as part of a research proposal or pathways to impact statement. 

Schools outreach

Interested in how we work with schools and colleges, or would you like to support our work? Contact the Outreach team

You can also learn more about our schools outreach work.

Patient and public involvement/ engagement

Want to find more about patient and public involvement, how to get involved or collaborate with us? Contact the PPI team.


Community engagement

If you'd like to learn more about our work with the local community at White City or if you have ideas and suggestions, contact our community engagement team.

Societal Engagement Champions

Our Societal Engagement Champions Network runs across the College to stimulate and support collaborative working. The Network includes two representatives from each academic department – one from academia/research, and the other from professional services – as well as any departmental engagement practitioners. See who's your departmental representative below.

List of Societal Engagement Champions

Imperial College Business School

DepartmentAcademic Champion(s)Professional Champion(s)Engagement Practitioner(s)
 Business School  James Barlow Jon Tucker
Hannah Magdziarek
 Julia McShane
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Faculty of Engineering

DepartmentAcademic Champion(s)Professional Champion(s)Engagement Practitioner(s)
 Aeronautics  Siti Ros Shamsuddin    
Bioengineering Aldo Faisal    
 Chemical Engineering  Jerry Heng    
 Civil Engineering  Ana Mijic

Ben Kidd

Sarah Willis

 Computing  Ben Glocker    Nayna Patel
 Design Engineering  Billy Wu    
 Department of Earth Science and Engineering  Becky Bell    Victoria Murphy
 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Pantelis Georgiou    
 Materials  Julian Jones    
 Mechanical Engineering  Guillermo Rein  Tim Venables  
 Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering    Hannah Barclay  
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Faculty of Natural Sciences

DepartmentAcademic Champion(s)Professional Champion(s)Engagement Practitioner(s)
Faculty level     Becky Middleton
 Chemistry  Sarah Al-Beidh (mat. leave)   Mel Bottrill
 Life Sciences    Richard Bowman

Anita Hall
Steve Connolly


Rusudan Svanidze
Thomas Brain

Inkeri Hibbins
Anne-Marie Hilder


Mark Richards
Vinita Hassard
Simon Foster

 Centre for Environmental Policy  Audrey de Nazelle  Karen Lyle  
Grantham Institute     Simon Levey
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Faculty of Medicine

DepartmentAcademic Champion(s)Professional Champion(s)Engagement Practitioner(s)
 Medicine    Natalie Williams  
 Institute of Clinical Sciences      
 Institute of Global Health Innovation  Matt Harris  Nicolette Davies Jo Seed
Anna Lawrence Jones
 National Heart and Lung Institute  Sara Rankin    Ellen Dowell (mat. leave)
 School of Public Health

 Nathan Green
Mireille B. Toledano

James Hayward
Jenna Mollaney
 Will Kendall
 Surgery and Cancer

Roger Kneebone
Toby Athersuch
Kelly Gleason
Venetia Wynter-Blyth

   Duncan Boak
Anna Lawrence Jones
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Further engagement contacts

Institute for Security Science & Technology

Contact Max Swinscow-Hall, Communication and Policy Outreach Officer.