Meet Dan the poet

Poet and performer Dan Simpson has been collaborating with Imperial researchers to create engaging word-based art inspired by their work.

Find out more about Dan the poet.

Societal Engagement Poet in Residence, Dan Simpson, has been collaborating with Imperial scientists to bring together research, poetry and public perspectives into new and exciting work. 

The Poet in Residence project allowed researchers and artists to explore their work through different lenses. Through the residency, conversations about Imperial's research have inspired Dan's artwork.

Dan collaborated with three researchers across the College who had little or no experience with writing poetry. Each poet-researcher collaboration took different forms, but consisted of two key elements: 

  1. A crowdsourced poem/spoken word piece - In response to a researcher's work, the public provided words, perspectives and poetry. These were carefully woven together by Dan to create a crowdsourced piece capturing a diverse range of reflections on Imperial's research.
  2. A co-created piece - An exchange of research, artistic and lived experiences between Dan and our research collaborator, forming a written, spoken word or visual piece reflecting these conversations.  
In this video, images of nature and landscapes are shown.

Back to Nature

A crowdsourced poem by Dan Simpson

This piece was crowdsourced as part of poet Dan Simpson's residency. After setting prompts with Imperial researcher Dr Ans Vercammen, Dan collected words from the public on the theme of our relationship with nature. He then edited these contributions together to create this poem.

The video is a spoken-word poem with images of the sea shown.

The Certainty of Pressure

A collaborative poem by Dr Ans Vercammen and Dan Simpson

Taking inspiration from Ans' research into blue space and mental health, here Dan and Ans explore the nature of psychological and atmospheric pressure through scuba diving. As the poem transports you deeper into the ocean, they reflect on why we are drawn to water.