Booking information

Trainer: Societal Engagement team

Cost: Internal - no charge; External - not available. 

This course is available to Imperial staff and students.

This course is available for group bookings only. 

Please contact the Societal Engagement team for further information.

This masterclass is only available for group bookings

* This masterclass will not be running (although we can offer it as a bespoke session for group bookings). For individuals, please contact us for support and guidance with your engagement ideas, or sign up to one of our 1-2-1 Advice sessions.

This masterclass has been designed to help you develop your engagement idea(s) and is open to all Imperial staff and students (whether you’re preparing for an external event or planning at activity for the Great Exhibition Road Festival or Imperial Lates).

You will get a chance to:

  • Develop new and existing ideas for public engagement activities or events, through group and individual exercises using creative, problem-solving and ideas-generation approaches  
  • Share and hear a diverse range of ideas, from experiences at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, a digital engagement platform you would like to try out, a big question you would like to turn into an activity, an audience you would like to engage or a topic that you would like to create an event around 
  • Collaborate with colleagues and facilitators to think about the next exciting directions in the progression of your engagement idea 
  • Gain inspiration and new perspectives through sharing ideas with others in the session 
  • Understand the next steps towards putting your engagement ideas into action

Who is it for?

This masterclass is for you if you: 

  • Feel inspired by public engagement and would like to take your ideas to the next level – whether that is getting your first idea started or developing an existing idea creatively 
  • Have become a bit stuck with your idea, are unsure what to do with it next or how to make it happen 
  • Are open-minded and looking to discuss ideas with others 
  • Would like space to think creatively and innovatively about public engagement 
  • Are preparing an application for the Great Exhibition Road Festival or are working on an activity for our Lates programme. 

If you have any queries please email