Donations and sponsorship

The Reach Out Makerspace aims to raise the aspirations of school children from diverse or underprivileged backgrounds to go to university, and to open their eyes to other opportunities after school such as apprenticeships.

It helps break down the barriers between schools and university and nurtures the talents of potential young scientists and engineers of the future by giving them the chance to take part in hands-on making, designing and building activities.

This is made possible by the state-of-the-art equipment that the Makerspace contains and the team of subject experts that oversee all the activities.

To help us continue this good work, we need donations and sponsorship to provide essential equipment.

If you would like further information about supporting the Makerspace or other Outreach initiatives please email Clare Dodds or Gabbie Filmer-Pasco.

Work with us

If you're a current Imperial student or staff member and you're interested in working with us in the Makerspace or you have an idea for an activity that you would like to develop for school aged students visit the Work with us section to explore the opportunities to do this.

We always welcome support for the Reach Out Makerspace and in this section, you can find out more information about how you could help.