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About Imperial CREST Academy

The Imperial CREST Academy provides scientific mentoring and support to help students aged 16–18 successfully undertake and submit a project for a British Science Association CREST award.

The CREST awards, dubbed the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award in Science’, allow you to plan and carry out long-term science projects with guidance from a professional scientist. There are bronze, silver and gold awards up for grabs.

How Imperial CREST Academy works

Once your school has registered with the Imperial CREST Academy, you will be paired with a scientist at Imperial.

Creation of these is pairings is based as closely as we can on the topic/area of research you have chosen to investigate. 

The scientists act as mentors, helping you to achieve your research goals. Not only will you benefit from working with a world leading scientist, you will also have the chance to observe how a scientist plans out and carries out a research project.

Previous Academy projects include:

  • investigating the antibacterial properties of nanoparticles
  • possible fuel sources for human missions to Mars
  • the possibility of using bacteria to generate electricity
  • using technology to revive extinct species of animals

Time commitment of mentors and students

Each project starts in September and runs over the course of the academic year.

After each project is finished, you will be invited to Imperial for the Imperial CREST Academy conference.

At the conference, you will have the chance to present your results to fellow scientists, mentors and family members. Representatives from the British Science Association also attend the conference to evaluate you for the CREST awards.

See recent examples of poster presentations by Academy students:

How to take part

Schools and students

To register your interest in taking part in the Imperial CREST Academy in September 2017, please ask your school to email the Imperial CREST Academy team.

Prospective mentors (current Imperial staff)

Current researchers at Imperial, who wish to take part as an Academy mentor, should email: Dr Simon Foster or Dr Cecilia Johansson.