Imperial Sutton Scholars is a brand new two-and-a-half year programme for high-attaining KS3 students.

Launched in spring 2017, the programme aims to inspire students to study STEM subjects by learning about coding, programming and the application of these skills in the sciences and engineering.

What the programme involves

Year 1

Students take part in:

  • a launch event
  • student/parent coding challenge
  • a summer challenge activity day 

Year 2

During their second year (Year 8), we introduce students to new technology over a series of six on-campus days. These are designed to advance and refine their programming skills.

They have the chance to demonstrate the skills they have gained during the Grand Summer Challenge at the end of the year. 

Year 3

The final year (Year 9) starts with a weekend residential at our South Kensington Campus.

Further campus days follow throughout the 2018–19 academic year to support the students' continued advancement of coding knowledge and skills and to inspire them into further STEM studies.

Who can take part?

60 Year 7 students from participating schools embarked on the programme in spring 2017. 

The students are all from eligible secondary state schools in Greater London. Eligibility is based on a range of factors, including:

  • having relatively low levels of GCSE attainment and progression to university
  • relatively high levels of deprivation

Any questions?

Please email the Imperial Sutton Scholars team.