Imperial is committed to promoting the teaching of high-quality, exciting maths and science.

We have created and collaborated on a range of resources for primary school teachers, examples of which are below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback about these developing projects.

School students in the Reach Out Lab

Primary science resources

We have developed two science teaching resources in partnership with award-winning science teaching resource Tigtag.

Reach Out CPD

Reach Out CPD is a free online science Continuing Professional Development resource for UK primary school teachers.

Reach Out Reporter

Reach Out Reporter is a free online primary science news service which helps teachers integrate topical science into everyday teaching and learning.

The service is updated weekly with new content and is available free of charge to all primary school teachers across the UK.

Primary maths resources

The Faculty of Engineering at Imperial has been collaborating with Colchester Royal Grammar School to produce a set of exciting new maths resources. They're aimed at helping primary school teachers by providing high-level mathematics content for their more able students.

You can find more information about this project on the Faculty of Engineering's website.

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