Centre Director - Professor Sian Harding

Sian HardingProfessor Harding directs the BHF PhD studentship programme at Hammersmith and BHF Centre for Regenerative Medicine. She is a leader in the molecular pharmacology and biophysics of heart failure, and of cardiomyocytes derived from mouse and human pluripotent stem cells.


Principal investigators within the BHF Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Centre

Professor Chris Denning University of Nottingham chris.denning@nottingham.ac.uk
Professor Thomas Eschenhagen University Medical Centre Hamburg t.eschenhagen@uke.de
Professor Ipsita Roy University of Westminster I.Roy01@westminster.ac.uk
Professor Godfrey Smith University of Glasgow godfrey.smith@glasgow.ac.uk
Professor Julia Gorelik Imperial College London j.gorelik@imperial.ac.uk 
Professor Michael Schneider Imperial College London m.d.schneider@imperial.ac.uk
Professor Molly Stevens Imperial College London m.stevens@imperial.ac.uk
Professor Cesare Terracciano Imperial College London c.terracciano@imperial.ac.uk
Dr Daniel Stuckey University College London d.stuckey@ucl.ac.uk 
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