Work in collaboration with BIAM

By employing the solid-state electrolyte, many safety and security issues of lithium and lithium ion batteries could be ultimately eliminated or significantly mitigated. This project would enhance the understanding of the characterisation and degradation of all solid-state thin film lithium battery in both the electrochemical and mechanical views.

  • The influence of temperature on the electrochemical performance
  • A novel technique for measuring the entropy change of the studied battery rapidly.
  • Flexible TFLB, mechanical robustness and mechanical interaction with electrochemical performance. The electrochemical model will be developed to simulate the performance during charging-discharging and degradation processes.


Computed Tomography images of thin-film lithium battery (left: Top view; right: Side view)

Researchers: Dr Gregory Offer, Dr Yatish Patel, Dr Teng Zhang, Dr Mu Chen, Dr Weiming Li and Dr Hongyan Liu, Dr Yan Zhao, Dr Mei-Chin Pang and Mr Xiaofeng Zhang