There is an urgent need from the automotive and aviation industries to be able to predict the performance of lithium ion batteries and diagnose problems under extremes of operation and realistic conditions. Currently many systems are used outside of normally studied conditions which at best result in poor performance or over-engineered solutions, and at worst failure. This project will meet this need by developing the scientific tools & techniques that are needed by industry to be able to design safe and affordable products around these technologies. This project will therefore develop operational models that include degradation & failure that are capable of performing at extremes of operation, both very high charge/discharge rates and low and high temperatures.

· Extend and improve models for predicting the onset and consequences of thermal runaway reactions in lithium ion batteries, particularly to include the lithiation state of both the anode and cathode

· To extend the normal SEI growth model to overlap with the mechanisms governing extreme SEI layer growth at very high temperatures, essentially to achieve a seamless SEI model that can operate across the full temperature range, including the extremes

· To develop a cathode decomposition model

· To conduct the experiments necessary to parameterise and validate the models, these will involve testing cells to failure

Researcher : Dr Yan Zhao