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AB - A device for sensing a property of a fluid comprising a first substrate having formed thereon a sensor configured in use to come into contact with a fluid in order to sense a property of the fluid, and a wireless transmitter for transmitting data over a wireless data link and a second substrate having formed thereon a wireless receiver for receiving data transmitted over said wireless link by said wireless transmitter. The first substrate is fixed to or within said second substrate. Additionally or alternatively, the device comprises a first substrate defining one or more microfluidic structures for receiving a fluid to be sensed and a second substrate comprising or having attached thereto a multiplicity of fluid sensors, the number of sensors being greater than the number of microfluidic structures. The second substrate is in contact with the first substrate such that at least one of the sensors is aligned with the or each microfluidic structure so as to provide an active sensor for the or each structure, and such that one or more of the sensors is or are not aligned with any microfluidic structure and is or are thereby redundant.
AU - Reed,S
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TI - Method and Apparatus for Sensing a Property of a Fluid
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