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AB - High-Frequency alternating current nerve block has great potential for neuromodulation-based therapies. However, no precise measurements have been made of the time needed for nerves to recover from block once the signal has been turned off. This study aims to characterise time to recoveryof the rat sciatic nerve after 30 seconds of block at varying amplitudes and frequencies. Experiments were carried out in-vivo to quantify recovery times and recovery completeness within 0.7s from the end of block. The sciatic nerve was blocked with an alternating square wave signal of amplitudeand frequency ranging from 2 to 9mA and 10 to 50 kHz respectively. To determine the recovery dynamics the nerve was stimulated at 100 Hz after cessation of the blocking stimulus. Electromyogram signals were measured from the gastrocnemius medialis and tibialis anterior muscles during trials as indicators of nerve function. This allowed for nerve recovery to bemeasured with a resolution of 10 ms. This resolution is much greater than previous measurements of nerve recovery in the literature. Times for the nerve to recover to a steady state of activity ranged from 20 to 430 milliseconds and final relative recovery activity at 0.7 seconds spanned 0.2 to 1 approximately. Higher blocking signal amplitudes increased recovery time and decreased recovery completeness. These results suggestthat blocking signal properties affect nerve recovery dynamics, which could help improve neuromodulation therapies and allow more precise comparison of results across studies using different blocking signal parameters.
AU - Rapeaux,A
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TI - Preliminary study of time to recovery of rat sciatic nerve from high frequency alternating current nerve block
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