Research Team: Prof Alison Holmes (Medicine), Prof Chris Toumazou (Engineering), Prof Alan Armstrong (Natural Sciences), Dr Pantelis Georgiou (Engineering), Dr Lindsay Evans (Natural Sciences), Dr Pau Herrero-Viñas (Engineering) and Dr Maryam Modarai (Medicine).

As part of the EPSRC “Bridging the Gaps” initiative, the two-year EMBRACE programme aims to facilitate closer integration between the medical, engineering, physical and natural sciences in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research. 

The objective of EMBRACE is to engage leading scientists from all disciplines in AMR research and to encourage the formation of multidisciplinary research groups with the skills needed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Seminars, conferences, sandpit events and pump-priming grant awards provide entry points to the AMR field and offer opportunities for new collaborations and funding to support innovative projects. For more information or if you want to get involved please see our contact details below.

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