All Core Facilities listed below reside within the Department of Bioengineering research space and as such users must undergo relevant inductions, and follow all local, departmental and College rules at all times.

bookingCore facilities must be booked prior to the required time by using the appropriate booking calendar. Access is only granted after training and induction is completed and the access request form approved.

Facilities are charged at a minimum possible rate to cover only the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment itself, i.e. to break even only, none of the facilities run to provide funds for upgrades, replacements or additions. New facilities, upgrades and additions must be costed on academic grant proposals.

Charging rates 
EquipmentCost: DepartmentCost: ImperialCost: ExternalContact and booking

Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope

   £25/hr  £71/hr  £138/hr Mr Jacques Bertrand
booking via LIMS

Zeiss PALM Laser Microdisection

Flourescence only  £7.50/hr


  Mr Jacques Bertrand
booking via LIMS

Laser microdissection

£20/hr £25/hr £138/hr
TissueCyte 1000 two-photon tomography system    £27/hr £27/hr   Dr Yu  Liu

Booking via LIMS

2-photon microscopes    £27/hr  £27/hr   Dr Yu  Liu

Booking via LIMS

Objet 30 Pro  (3D printer)    
  • Technician fee: 20/hr  (min 1 hr)
  • VeroWhite, VeroGray, VeroBlack: 0.35/g
  • VeroBlue: 0.3 /g
  • VeroClear: 0.8/g
  • DurusWhite, RGD525: 0.4/g
  • Support: 0.3/g
  Mr Niraj Kanabar

Booking via LIMS

3D Bioplotter (bioprinter)    £50  £60   Mr Jacques Bertrand
booking via LIMS

Tissue Culture Hood 

including consumables  £11.25/hr  £22.50/hr   Mr Jacques Bertrand
booking via LIMS

not including consumables

Nov 2018
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