iBSc Journal Club

Module aims

The aim of the course is for students to read and discuss key journal articles relevant to the course. Students will relate their reading and research to the group projects which they will undertake through their intercalated year, e.g. exploring clinical aspects of their group project through a literature review, prior to working on developing an engineering solution to the problem.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Knowledge and Understanding

Critically review scientific articles around a theme and in a variety of formats

Describe and explain the features of a well-written scientific paper

Identify and discuss strengths and weaknesses of a paper

Learning Outcomes - Intellectual Skills

Comment on the structure and writing style of high impact journal articles

Learning Outcomes - Practical Skills

Extract the important information from journal articles and present this in a summary relevant for the intended audience

Present scientific results graphically or diagrammatically

Learning Outcomes - Transferable Skills

Construct and deliver an oral presentation

Work effectively in a team

Module syllabus

There will be study groups detailing how to write and review a manuscript.  Example presentations will also be given on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ papers. 

Each week, students will read and review assigned journal articles in preparation for the study group.

Students should select manuscripts based on their group projects which will be shared amongst the group.  During reading week, there will two project mornings when students will take turns to present a summary and critique of specific papers to the cohort, which will be followed by a question and discussion session. All students should engage with the discussion of papers regardless of if it is their turn to present a critical review.

Teaching methods

Tutorials: 4 hours
Journal club: 6 hours



●  Written report: Written Review of assigned paper; 20% weighting; Critical written review of assigned paper with verbal discussion during study group

●  Presentation: Oral Presentation; 80% weighting; Oral presentation (Powerpoint), 10 mins followed by 10 mins discussion and questions