Design and Professional Practice 2

Module aims

 This module will build on the principles of engineering design and professional practice taught in first year through application in a group design, make and test project. As part of the group project students will: Tackle a real design problem Develop their engineering design skills through practice Apply learning from other modules to a practical challenge Be exposed to the wider application of bioengineering in society Develop teamworking skills and be exposed to the challenges and benefits of collaboration

Learning outcomes

 Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the product development process 2. Participate in the formation of a functioning project team 3. Evaluate suitability of concepts against user needs and risk criteria 4. Select appropriate prototyping techniques to realise a chosen design concept 5. Report using a variety of media on the project progress and outcomes.

Module syllabus

 This modules will cover the following topics: Transferable skills, including: Running a meeting, Presentation skills, Technical report writing, Poster design, Worker types and buidling a professional profile Engineering design process, including: Design process models, Planning, User requirements, Standards, Review and Risk analysis Computer Aided Design (Solidworks) Electrical design, including: Input, outputs and processing, Power, Enclosures, Hazards and Safety


 Product specification

Group presentation
Demonstration & poster day
Final report