Programming 3

Module aims

In this module you will gain experience working as part of a development team on a significant Bioengineering software project. This will involve using the individual programming skills learnt in Computer fundamentals and Programming 1 and Programming 2 to write the project code, as well as learning to use software engineering tools including those necessary for managing the project lifecycle, requirements capture, design, modelling, testing and effective and efficient teamwork. You will also learn about the specific requirements of medical software.


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to: Work effectively in a development team on a significant software project: Plan and track the project lifecycle; Evaluate client requirements; Model and design a software architecture; Implement and test the project.

Module syllabus

This is primarily a project-based module, but there will be an introduction to software engineering methods and CASE tools.

Teaching methods

Software management methods will be presented initially in lecture form, but students will quickly move to teamwork in the lab


There will be a presentation of the user-requirements gathering stage at the end of Autumn term, which counts for 25%, and the main project report and code repo are to be submitted at the end of first week in Spring term for 75%