MEng Biomedical Engineering Individual Project

Module aims

To apply the knowledge learned in the rest of the course to open-ended investigation.
To develop important project management, team working and communication skills.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Knowledge and Understanding

To be able to access and manage the scientific and engineering literature.

Learning Outcomes - Intellectual Skills

To plan and implement a research project and to reflect on such activities.
To engage in open-ended and multi-disciplinary investigation.

Learning Outcomes - Practical Skills

To acquire competency in a variety of lab skills, design, computational modelling, and programming, depending on the project of choice.

Learning Outcomes - Transferable Skills

To acquire the communication skills to succinctly communicate engineering to peers but also non-experts.
To be able to organise and time manage a project.

Module syllabus

Project work may start from the beginning of the autumn term, subject to agreement and safety forms having been submitted. The exact amount of time spent on projects is not fixed, but is on the order of 40-60 days full time equivalent.

  • Autumn term: work will be part-time. You will be expected to work at least 8 hours each week - the precise choice of timeslots being determined by your option courses.
  • Spring term: the first week of the term will be dedicated to your project, followed again by part time working at least 6-8 hours each week.
  • Summer term: work is full time after the summer exams and until the final report submission.

To monitor progress and your effort on the project you will keep a Project Log Book that will be signed by your supervisor at regular intervals and handed in with your final report.


●  Written report: Planning Report ; 10% weighting
●  Presentation: Oral presentation; 20% weighting
●  Written report: Final report; 70% weighting