Principles of Biomedical Imaging (UG)

Module aims

This module will explain how images of the human body can be obtained using different forms of penetrating radiation. It will also provide a detailed explanation of how the imaging modalities of CT, X-ray, MR, US and optical imaging work.

Learning outcomes

 Describe how medical images are obtained using radiation or waves that penetrate the body; Explain the equipment required for imaging using the key imaging modalities; Describe the imaging performance of a scanner; Explain how to calculate the resolution of a scanner.

Module syllabus

X-ray imaging X-ray CT Magnetic Resonance Imaging Optical Imaging


 Students must be able to perform basic algebra. Students must be familiar with Fourier Transforms.

Teaching methods

 Lectures: 18 hours
Study groups: 10 hours


‚óŹ  Written exam: ; 100% weighting