MSc Journal Club (PG)

Module aims

 The journal club helps students to develop two key skills: to read research papers and to develop critical thinking.

Learning outcomes

 Select and use appropriate methods for presenting data to an interested audience; Read journal articles and extract important information; Summarise and critically review journal articles; Discuss papers in a diligent way; Present papers in a concise way; Give an effective presentation; Lead group discussions.

Module syllabus

 Two or three papers will be reviewed each week and all papers are available on Blackboard. Members of the group review the papers in their free time so that at the session they will be able to review the assigned papers. One person from the group will give a short (10 minutes) summary and critique of the paper allocated, highlighting the novelty and all the good points of the paper, while another person of the group will try to identify all the shortcomings of the paper and what the authors could have done to improve it. The rest of the group should read the papers and participate in the discussion.


 Presentation 100%

Module leaders

Professor Richard Kitney