Molecules, Cells and Processes 2

Module aims

To learn about regulators and modulators of gene expression, i.e. genetics and epigenetics, with a specific focus on methylation

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Knowledge and Understanding

To recognise the role of the environment in mediating epigenetic changes

To distinguish between epigenetic modifications which can alter gene expression

Learning Outcomes - Intellectual Skills

To be able to analyse and interpret different forms of sequencing data

Module syllabus


Lecture 1. Cell building blocks/DNA packing

Lecture 2: Transcription. Primer design to assss transcription

Lecture 3: Promotors, enhancers, transcription factor binding.  Epigenetic mechanisms-chromatin/histone marks

Lecture 4: Epigenetic mechanisms-Methylation. X inactivation.  Bisulfite sequencing.

Lecture 5: Genomic imprinting

Lecture 6: Epigenetic clock-aging

Lecture 7: Epigenetic drugs

Lecture 8: Summary/Project outline-practical element of course



Teaching methods

Lectures: 18 hours
Labs: 18 hours


Written exam: 50% weighting
Multiple Choice. 50 questions
No type of previous exam answers or solutions will be available

Coursework: 50% weighting

Lab report

Module leaders

Dr Claire Higgins