Advanced Synthetic Biology

Module aims

This module extends from basics introduced in Foundations of Synthetic Biology and now sees the students design and model their own synthetic DNA programs for use in an application. You will have the opportunity to extend your understanding of computational modelling of biological systems through practical application, and will work on a mini-iGem project making use of synthetic biology principles, computer modelling, ethics and experimental design. This module is also available to life sciences and biochemistry students and so will allow you to work in a multidisciplinary team, and assessment exercises will help you develop your professional practice.


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to: 
• Formulate advanced principles of biological system.
• Design and model synthetic DNA programs
• Critically evaluate research literature in the area of synthetic biology.
• Compare and evaluate the merits of different solutions to a given problem

Module syllabus

This module will be based around completion of a Mini-iGEM porject. This exercise will include a presentation, peer-review and final project poster. Making use of modular synthetic biology, computer modelling, ethics and project design. Demonstration of modelling on laptop next to poster.


 BIOE96046 Foundations of Synthetic Biology BIOE96067 Modelling in Biology

Teaching methods

Lectures: 5 hours
Study groups: 12 hours
Labs: 8 hours


●  Presentation: Mini-IGEM presentation; 20% weighting; Present for 3 mins as part of 18 min group presentation
●  Poster: Mini-iGEM Project - Poster and Parts List; 50% weighting; Group task to prepare a poster and parts list on project
●  Written report: Computer Modelling; 15% weighting; Write up Cell Designer Modelling and Answer all questions in a report
●  Written report: Post Note Exercise; 15% weighting; Prepare a 3 page Post-Note on a Synthetic Biology Application or Technology

Feedback : General feedback on formative assessments will be given either orally in study groups and labs or electronically as an email or announcement on Blackboard. For summative coursework general feedback will be provided within 10 working days of submission. A date for feedback of individual grades of coursework assignments will be published to all students with the aim that this should be within 10 working days of submission.