The Department’s interdisciplinary research involves collaborations across the College as well as with other international centres of research, leading London hospitals and a variety of industrial partners. This creates a highly stimulating environment for student research, with our doctoral degrees, the PhD and MD(Res), attracting exceptional individuals from an array of academic backgrounds. With PhD and MD(Res) student numbers having risen from 12 (2001) to over 150 (currently), our doctoral students form an integral part of the Department and its research life.

The PhD and MD(Res) programmes are comprised entirely of research investigation to solidify students' skills in conducting independent research while contributing to the state of the art. The four-year* PhD is open to eligible graduates in engineering, any of the physical sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, physiology or medicine. The two-year* MD(Res) welcomes applications from medically qualified professionals wishing to undertake bioengineering research.

*Degree duration at full-time attendance.